Teeth bleeching:

The most successful method that arises through our many years of experience is bleaching with Zoom2 technology. The procedure takes about one hour, and the teeth are brighter, on average for 6-8 shades. After treatment with zoom technology,we recommend making of individual splint for conservation of achieved colour.For treatments at home we recommend products based on carbamide peroxide, which is much acceptable because of its inertness to soft and hard tissues and the posibility of the individual tooth whitening (darkened due to inadequate revitalization) which gives very good results. This is the so-called endogenous bleaching and it is the only possibility on the devitalized teeth.

Porcelain veneers (veneers):

Porcelain veneers Part of the prosthetics, but the primary function is to repair minor trauma or discoloration of the teeth in order to restore their natural look.The most popular and fastest method of improving the color, shape and position of the your teeth and giving a new dimension to your smile.

Metal-free crowns:

They provides absolute naturalness of color and shape, outstanding refraction of light,and they do not include “black” metal, which contributes to excellent aesthetic effect.

Polishing the teeth:

Is common mechanical cleaning of the teeth using fluoride toothpaste and a rotating brush.

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