Endodontics is a part of dentistry that involves the treatment of root canal, extraction of the nerve or in extreme cases extraction of the root. It is primarily based on the treatment of the pulp, which is located in the root canal.Dental pulp is a tangle of nerve fibers and blood vessels. The penetration of dental caries in tooth structure leads to pulp infection with bacteria that cause tooth decay. In our clinic we use electronic devices that guided themselves recognizing top of the root canal (apex) to avoid overinstrumentation.

Root canal therapy is the most common procedure used in endodontics. Treating inflammation of the tooth involves removing the tooth nerve and thorough cleaning of the entire root canal. After disinfection of the canal,it will be permanently filled to prevent future penetration of bacteria into the interior of the root.

Thanks to the modern equipment and high-quality application procedures suitable for each tooth,we achieve maximum effectiveness in the treatment of teeth. In our clinic we use the modern techniques of root canal treatment,that improves efficiency and accelerates therapeutic procedure in comparison to so-called manual processing of root canals. In this way, the majority of endodontic treatment can be done in one or two visits.