Conservative dentistry

The foundation of dentistry are dental treatments, and a branch that’s responsible for them is the conservative . The aim of conservative dentistry are healthy, beautiful and functional teeth, which is achieved by treatment and repair of teeth, root canals, fillings and cleaning of tartar.

Caries treatments:

Tooth decay is an infection caused by the joint action of bacteria in oral cavity and carbohydrate-rich foods. Bacteria breaks down the food (sugar) to form acids which reduces the pH value. When the pH is lower (5.2 to 5.5) acids begin to dissolve the enamel causing tooth decay. After caries is detected, dentist removes it, to get to a healthy parts of the tooth. Surface cavities can be removed by applying fluoride while deeper ones need to be removed mechanically. After removing the caries the teeth should be filled in order to protect the pulp and for the tooth to be functional.


Fillings are used when a caries destroys a tooth or when you want to replace the old classic fillings (amalgam). The most lasting dental filling is a ceramic restorations which is highly resistant, durable and aesthetically most appropriate. Classic fillings (amalgam) are a quick and easy solution, but an amalgams are no longer used in modern dentistry because of the proven harmful effects, and bad aesthetics.

Inlay and Onlay :

Inlay is very similar substitute as filler, and it replaces part of the tooth crown. If it replaces only the upper surface of the crown, It’s called inlay and it replaces the upper and lateral surfaces then it’s called onlay.

Cleaning of tartar :

If the buildup of plaque is not removed, it becomes thicker, and together with deposition of mineral salts from the saliva gradually create a strong buildup of tartar that surrounds the teeth and thus can lead to the periodontal disease. Tartar removing is done with the ultrasound machine that cleanse it with its vibrations, painlessly and quickly (the duration still depends on the amount of tartar) Once cleaned, teeth are being polished with special machine with pressurized air, cooling water and a spray of fine powder particles of different flavors .Tooth surface must remain smooth because It is difficult for the new deposits to collect in that case.